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20 Animal Charities And The Great Work That They Do

Animals are part of nature's gift to mankind, so they deserve to be taken care of too. That is what Animal Charities do give their efforts and attention to taking care of pets and wildlife.

In this article, you will learn about some of these animal charities and the great work they are doing.

Top 20 Animal Charities

While you may find a long list of animal charities online, this article helps to recognize those that have been remarkable.

#1.  Wildlife Alliance

The Wildlife Alliance is an international animal charity determined to fight the extinction of endangered species. They do not only seek to rescue and preserve wildlife, they also educate people and communities on the importance of wildlife preservation.

#2. Best Friends Animal Society

This Utah-based animal charity rescues and takes care of various pets and animals such as dogs, cats, bunnies, pigs, horses, etc. They give the pets an opportunity to be adopted by potential caretakers who come to appreciate the facility. 

#3. WWF

This wildlife conservation charity agency aims to do all it takes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of endangered species. Their Earth Hour Seek program helps reach out to possible extinct, both aquatic and terrestrial. 

#4. Farm Sanctuary

The Farm Sanctuary targets and rescues animals from the detriments of factory farming. They possess sanctuaries in New York. California and other places. 

#5. Marine Mammal Center

Based in California, this animal charity strives to preserve and tend to aquatic wildlife. They have even gone as far as establishing a Monk Seal Hospital in Hawaii.

#6. Good Food Institute

This particular animal charity brings something entirely different to the table. Its goal is to improve the health of animals by feeding them more with plant-based and more natural diets.

#7. World Animation Protection

With its focus on better treatment for animals, this agency has helped many endangered species in the world. Their major course is to educate others on the vitality of preserving wildlife.

#8. Panthera

Panthera is an organization that is geared towards ensuring that the 36 species of the world's wild cats are preserved. Benefiting animals include jaguars, lions, pumas, etc.

#9. Born Free

Aimed at conserving wildlife, this agency works towards keeping wild animals as wild while also securing their safety. They also invest very much into education about wildlife.

#10. Chimp Haven

This is a special animal charity established for taking care of chimps. It strives to preserve chimpanzees from being abused in places like the medical research laboratory.

#11. Puppies Behind Bars

This animal charity uses a dog training program to rehabilitate both the inmates who train the dogs and the trained dogs. The dogs may later be used for security purposes.

#12. International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The IAPF is particularly aimed at protecting the animals from the dangers of illegal poaching.

#13. Performing Animal Welfare Society

This organization has made tremendous efforts to see that performing animals such as horses are not abused anymore.

#14. Pew Charitable Trust

With their penchant for penguins, this agency makes efforts to fight the rapid decline in the population of penguins.

#15. Wildlife Conservation Society

Just as the name sounds, this animal charity has contributed greatly to conservation and education on wildlife.

#16. Alley Cat Allies

Cats are great pets. This organization educates people about cats and takes care of the pets too.

#17. Jane Goodall Institute

This is one of the animal charities putting efforts to combat the fast decline of chimps. 

#18. Humane Farming Association

The organization lends her voice to the cry against the harsh treatment of factory-farmed animals.

#19. Front Range Equine Rescue

By educating people, the organization seeks to stop bad practices in the treatment of horses.

#20. Can Do Canines

Dogs are fantastic pets. In Can Do Canines, dogs are trained to assist people with different health challenges such as diabetes and seizure disorders. 


Virtually all of the listed animal charities provide means for donation and support. Donating is  a good way to help animal charities reach their goal and to help them maximize the care they offer  our pets and wildlife.