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Beginners Guide To Owning A Fish


You have owned a fish? Now looking for a complete guide on what should you do and what not? What should an aquarium be like for beginners? What are the basic concepts that will have to be made clear to you from the beginning? Here we are going to discuss and clear all of your questions.


Haste is the worst enemy of aquarism. The first thing you should know is that you must be patient. If you buy an aquarium in haste and don’t keep some important things in mind before buying aquarium for your beautiful fish then Unfortunately, if this fish die, the most likely thing is that the aquarium and everything it bought will end up in the junk room, and that person will be one of the many that feed the myth that aquarism is an art. very difficult only reserved for experts.

It is very important to inform a beginner that the aquarium is a living system that to function properly must mature prior to the introduction of the animals, despite their impatience.


A healthy environment



It is no secret that offering a correct environment to your fish is the key to your success as an aquarist. If not provided, they will surely weaken and become more vulnerable to attack by disease. In general, it is very likely that a sick fish will run the worst of luck, since the necessary tools for the correct diagnosis and treatment of diseases are not available to the average aquarist, so prevention is of fundamental importance.


Weekly water changes

Being a closed system, everything that enters the aquarium remains there until it is transformed or removed. The wastes that accumulate as a result of the metabolism of fish have three ways of disappearing:

  1. They are used by plants as nutrients.
  2. They are transformed into less toxic compounds, as occurs with nitrites, transforming into nitrates by the action of nitrifying bacteria in the filter.
  3. Partial water changes. This last point is very important because by doing partial water changes we will dilute the waste compounds preventing them from reaching toxic concentrations for fish. Also, let's remember that not all waste products produced by fish are used by plants, so these changes are the only way to remove them.

The periodicity of these changes will be given by the biological load of the aquarium, that is, the greater this, the lower the periodicity of the water changes will be, but it should not exceed 15 days, nor be less than 30% of the volume.


Proper filtration in the aquarium



There is a wide variety of filtration equipment whose use makes it easier to maintain water quality.

A dirty filter works less efficiently, causing an increase in nitrites and ammonia, which in turn will lead to the death of fish. The important thing is you must periodically maintain the filter, and that this cleaning must be done in a bucket with water drawn from the aquarium in order to protect the filter bacteria.


Don't overfeed

Many beginners do not know how to feed their fish and it is often the fault of poor advice. Remember that excess food not consumed will degrade the conditions of the aquarium, so you must provide what the fish can consume in two or three minutes. It is advisable to divide the doses into several daily doses, three if possible. Proceeding in this way we will minimize the unused food. If the hobbyist's schedules do not allow dividing the feeding in several doses, the automatic feeders of recognized brands are always a good option.


Place compatible species

It is important that you must have compatible species in your aquarium to make your beautiful fish life easier and enjoyable.