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Beginners Guide To Owning A Hamster


Have you just owned a beautiful Hamster? You are so lucky to own a hamster as a Hamster is a great choice as a first pet. Do you know it needs very little care as they are relatively small and don’t need a lot of attention? But still, you need to know some necessary things. It is enough to place a good cage, watch that their diet is balanced and that they exercise. Here we give you a guide to everything you need to know to take care of your rodent friend. One of the frequent doubts of first-time owners is the lifespan of a hamster. According to veterinarian Adrian Lozada, it is common for them to live, on average, up to five years. "They have a tendency to obesity so this factor can significantly reduce the life expectancy of this pet, " he says. By living for a short time, they mean a shorter commitment of the owners with that pet so it can serve to teach children about the responsibility of having a companion animal.


The House



A suitable cage is essential. It must have good ventilation to avoid health problems related to humidity. Escape possibilities must also be taken into account. He must also have toys and accessories for him to exercise. There are three types of cages: aquarium type, plastic, and metal. The former is the best option because they are safer and allow you to see what your pet is doing at all times. These types of houses prevent the substrate, the material that is located at the bottom of the cage, from dispersing around the room. Plastic or metal cages can have better ventilation, but if you have a cat or a dog in addition to the hamster, the spaces between the bars can put your rodent at risk. Make sure to place your hamster in a safe place where it cannot be reached by a predator.






The diet must be balanced, as in other pets. They need to eat seeds, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and protein. Lozada indicates that although there is a special balanced food for rodents, it is not always easy to find. "Depending on the size of the animal, it will eat about seven grams of food a day," he says. The fruits and vegetables are highly recommended to keep the pet with their immune system function. "The best are low in sugar and water," says the specialist. Other types of food can be harmful to your pet's health. Potatoes should be avoided at all costs, aubergines, citrus fruits, garlic, onions, and avocado. You should also not eat chocolates, fried foods, and high-fat products.




Hamsters are by nature fairly neat animals. They usually clean their bodies constantly but it is not advisable to bathe them. The reason, the vet explains, is because a cold can be deadly in rodents. You can also be at risk of drowning if you put it in a bathtub. In general, to keep these animals clean it is more important to keep their cage neat. At least once a week change the substrate and thoroughly clean your entire house. Remember to let it dry well before putting your little friend back in.