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Inspirational Pet Stories


Although the feelings of animals have been the object of study for centuries, it does not take a scientist to know that some are capable of conceiving strong affective bonds towards human beings. Many of us who have been fortunate enough to have a pet can safely say that they love us, and some of us are certain that they would give their lives for us.

Today we are going to write about some of the best Inspirational Pet Stories.


  1. Awning: the graveyard cat


In the Montagna region, Italy, lives Toldo , a cat whose story of fidelity and love makes a fool of the popular belief that cats are insensitive.

Since its owner Renzo Lozelli passed away in 2011, Toldo has not stopped visiting his grave every day, bringing him twigs, leaves and even plastic cups as a gift.


  1. Canelo, the dog of Cadiz


In the late 1980s in Cadiz, Spain, a man whose name is unknown lived alone with his dog named Canelo. As the man suffered from kidney problems, he could be seen with his pet on the way to Hospital Puerta de Mar frequently for dialysis.

Upon arrival, the patient entered to receive his treatment while Canelo stayed at the doors of the enclosure to wait for him to return home together. One day, the man suffered complications and died in hospital. From that day on, the dog waited for him for 12 years at the gates, offering resistance to anyone who tried to move him.

In 2002, Canelo was run over by a car outside the hospital. However, his unconditional love was immortalized by the gypsy people in a monument and a street named in his honor.


  1. Harry's eternal love


David decided to take Harry, his African gray parrot, to the vet for a very strange reason. Every time he came home from work to greet him, he would throw up on him. The expert's diagnosis was surprising, since the bird was not sick, but in love.

"These birds, when they go to court the female, vomit the seeds from their crop and offer them to her; that's how they say I love you in their language", explained David Perpignan, veterinarian at the Badalona Zoological Hospital in Barcelona, ​​during an interview with the BBC channel.

The vet recommended David to find Harry a girlfriend, a solution that lessened the problem. However, they are still the best of friends.



  1. 4. Christian's fierce affection


Christian is the name of a lion that was adopted in 1969 by Australians John Rendall and Anthony Burke in London, England. The owner of a local zoo sold him to youngsters for 250 guineas (old gold coin, used in the UK) because he was a very mischievous and difficult to care for cub.

Rendall and Burke kept him in their apartment, where they fed him, played with him and made him very happy. However, growing up, they had to find a new home for him because he had grown too big. Christian lived in a furniture store and even in a city cemetery.

The cat's owners realized that he would be better off in his natural habitat, so they decided to ask George Adamson, a famous Kenyan conservationist for help, who agreed to give Christian a place in the Kora National Park, Kenya.


In 1971, after learning that the lion's reintegration into the wild had been a success, Rendall and Burke decided to travel to Kenya to visit their friend. The reaction of the feline when he was reunited with his adoptive parents was documented in a video and surprised the whole world, since, after a brief moment of caution, he jumped with joy to hug those who took such care of him.



  1. The brave Rex


SaveHero Dog Returns Home After Being Shot 3 Times while trying to fend off armed burglars and protect his family and their home. He survived and so did the teenage boy who was hiding in a closet and calling the police while the dog was fighting the intruders. What a brave dog! Thanks heavens I survived!

On March 21, 2018, Javier Mercado, a 16-year-old young man, and Rex, his German shepherd , were at their home in Washington, United States. The two friends were watching television until they heard some strange noises downstairs; so Rex decided to go investigate.

The teenager leaned out of the window and noticed strange vehicles parked outside. He also heard screams from strangers exclaiming "The dog bit me!", "Catch the dog".



  1. The last words of the smartest bird in the world



The name of the most intelligent parrot in the world is the acronym for Avian Learning Experiment, as it was the object of an experiment that lasted 30 years. It was carried out initially in 1976 by the animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg, at the University of Arizona, and later, at Harvard University, together with Brandeis University, United States.

Irene bought Alex from a pet store and cared for him since he was very young in order to check the animal's intelligence levels. The results were so surprising that they changed the opinion of the scientific community at the time, which argued that these birds could only speak words by imitation.


Alex not only possessed the intelligence of a 5-year-old boy and a wide vocabulary, but he also had a big heart and loved his teacher Irene above all else. He did not separate from her during the sessions and was always calling her or saying "I love you", "Don't go".

Alex died one night in his cage for no apparent reason at the age of 30 (young for his species that usually lasts 50 or more). Pepperberg says that the night she died, when they were saying goodbye to go to sleep, Alex said as his last words: I love you, be good. Pepperberg wrote a book called Alex and I in which she recounts her experiences with him.