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Techniques For House Training Your Dog


Education turns the dog into an obedient and responsible helper and devoted friend. It makes her socialized, not to mention that impeccable upbringing is the hallmark of dog shows. How to train a dog correctly at home? Experienced dog breeders prefer independent dog training.

Even if you do not have tremendous experience in raising four-legged animals, we advise you to find it and apply it to your pet. The main thing is to choose a dog whose temper you can tame. After all, only the owner, who is the leader of the dog, will be able to raise it correctly. But let's get back to home training.

Sometimes you will have a hard time and will want to surrender. But the result of regular and persistent training will not just meet but exceed your expectations.


General rules of training

Dog training on your own requires special training. What should the owner take care of before starting the fun part - training? To train your dog you will need a simple collar and a long leash (3 m). A clicker, a device that emits a characteristic click, does not hurt either. If you wish, buy a mini-bag on a belt: you can put a treat in it - for dogs during training, this is the main incentive. After the successful execution of the command, you consolidate the result with a tasty one. Do not feed your dog immediately before class. If the dog eats at least 2-3 hours in advance, he will try half-heartedly. After all, the main incentive is, alas, not your satisfied eyes, but a tidbit. This concludes the preparation.

Dog training methods



Dog handlers distinguish many ways of how to train a dog. There is no one correct or best method. All animals are different - each has its own speed of thinking, level of aggression, and ability to remember. The techniques of dog training should be chosen based on the desired result. How to train your dog yourself? Here are the main techniques:

  • Palatable: Food is the main incentive for completing tasks. To get a tidbit, your dog will do whatever you want him to do. And do not skimp on treats. But over time, you will have to move on to training without treats - be prepared for this;
  • Mechanical: The mechanical method consists in the fact that the dog gets used to react simultaneously to the spoken command and mechanical action on the dog itself. For example, a dog is taught the command to "sit": they pronounce the command and press on the croup of the animal, forcing it to sit down.
  • Pushing: In this case, the clicker is appropriate. For training a dog with an energetic disposition, this is the best method. The pet must know that the clicker sound is the beginning or end of the command;
  • Contrasting: This dog training involves a combination of several stimuli. For example, mechanical and gustatory. This method can teach the dog to command "to me": say the command, slightly pull on the leash, and then reward with a treat.
  • Game: A striking example of this method is playing with an object for sport. During the game, you can form the habits of the animal.
  • The imitative method: This is based on the instinct to imitate. Have you noticed that if one dog in a pack starts barking, then the rest will join it. In the process of training, the instinct of imitation is used not only for other dogs, but also for the owner (whom the dog considers the leader).

The most popular is the combined method (palatable and mechanical). How does it work? You create an environment in which the dog has to do what is necessary in order to be rewarded more quickly by stroking, playing, or treating. For example, you press your palm against the dog's lumbar region until it sits down. Then pet her or treat her. So she realizes that she did everything right.