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The Complete Guide To House Training Your Dog

Dog training for a beginner is never an easy task to do but if you love dogs and you have a passion for it then there is no one stopping you from training your dog at home without any problem. Today we are going to guide you on how you can train your dog at home. Let’s do it.




Many times the rhythms of life of dog owners do not allow them to have a special training habit outside the home, that is why it is important to clarify various tips of canine education from home, so that there are no excuses to improve The relationship they may have with their pet, remember that the success of the training you do is related to the relationship you create with your dog.

One of the best ways to reassure your dog is to take out all the energy since sometimes the fact of the retention of this energy is what causes him to explode in negative attitudes with people and his space itself. So to put it in some way what you have to do is tire your partner, then the text will go in that direction, the point is to expel the energy of your dog, it should be noted that these types of exercises are useful for any type of dog breed.

Here we will expose several simple tips that you can do from the comfort of your home, we do not have to do much and it will bring us a benefit because they will not break things, these tips will also serve perfectly also for too restless dogs.




The first thing we are going to do is a series of sitting exercises, practicing these types of exercises, should be accompanied by rewards like any training, surely it will also serve to reinforce the training, follow the instructions and it works quite well, this sitting exercise I recommend that you do it only 5 times, so as not to stress your dog. These series are used for our dog to get tired, it works with puppies that have too much energy to move all the time, so what they have to do is expel that energy so that they can concentrate on a single point, that's why sitting It is the basic exercise of dog training.

After performing the series of sitting we continue to perform another exercise, this is to bend down and get up, again we recommend that the series be of five repetitions; It is important to always reward him, but it does not necessarily always have to be with food, it can be a caress or praise for doing the exercises correctly.

Later we are going to do one of the exercises that tire dogs the most, and it is one where they use their sense of smell to a hundred, since dogs occupy great energy when they occupy this sense, what should be done is that with several objects that They like them a lot, like a ball or some teether, we will teach it, then we will hide it to force your dog to find them, once it finds it, rewarding it is crucial since later with this simple exercise you can go on to a more training specialized, this is how search and detection dog training works. We recommend that this exercise be done for 15 to 20 minutes,

Now we will carry out an exercise that is totally related to his fun, let him bite anything he likes, a ball, a stuffed animal, or something that catches his attention and that is especially for him, it is one of the exercises that are more comfortable and tiring formidably to your dog.

As you can see, they are exercises that you can easily do from home, if you build a habit of this we assure you that your dog will be more balanced, which is something positive since its behavior with the outside will be completely positive, always keep in mind that so that whatever type of training works, it is necessary to create a bond of trust between you and your dog, enjoy the moments with your dog since you are sure that he will enjoy them to the fullest.