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About Us

Nevatay LLC is an online store that offers high-quality products for your loveable pets. It aims at providing a one-stop-shop to the pet owners and animal enthusiasts for all their needs. Whether you own a cat, dog, bird, or any other furry and cuddly creature, we are here to help you.

Nevatay LLC was founded by Dustin Cox to pass their family and military veteran-owned business to their technology-savvy kids. Their family has been running a pet store for more than 2 years now. Specializing in all types of animals and related products, they have become a veteran in this industry.

In order to incorporate the growing need for the technological and digital transformation of business, they decided to facilitate their customers and fulfill their pet related product needs and requirements at their doorstep through an online store.

The mission of the store is to provide pet owners and animal lovers with all that they need to ensure that their cuddly and furry friends live a happy and healthy life.

The website offers are a wide variety and large collection of pet merchandise including things like a dog collar, pet treats, eating utensils, toys, leashes, and even pet apparel. Having served in the industry for years, the company has developed strong relations with suppliers and manufacturers and only provides high-quality products on their website.

With an in-depth knowledge of the field and years of experience in dealing with various types of pets, the members of this family also educate new pet owners about their animals and how to care for them. Giving top priority to long term clients, every member of the team ensures full customer satisfaction and high quality of service.

The store carries premium brands from all over the world. All the products are required to meet the highest standards of pet care and wellbeing. A strong emphasis is laid on remaining updated with the latest research and studies about products that can make pets’ lives more safe, healthy, and happy.

So, whether you are the owner of a cat, dog, fish, duck, or any other pet that you can think of, our store is the online shop that has it all. From cat collar to dog treats, to toys and sandboxes, we offer a huge variety of products that you can shop for.

Don’t wait to order now and get fast delivery at your doorstep!